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Humor: A successful life! 1266
Poll: majority of Americans approve of sending Congress to Syria! 1760
Kalifornia versus Texas 2007
Inspirational: Struggle between wolves! 1980
A Jewish Christmas! 2320
The $100 stimulus! 2064
The Business Deal! 1859
Inspirational: The Green Thing! 2344
Inspirational: Carrots, Eggs and Coffee 2349
How to clean a toilet 2420
Modern romance novel! 2097
The world's largest army...   America's hunters! 2403
Two Whales 1997
The Last Nickel 2175
Drinking beer turns men into women! 2499
Actual U.S. passport application letter sent back to State Department 2096
No good deed… 2238
Inspirational: Am I a fireman yet? 2125
The way it should be 2272
Attorney hunting season is open! 2197
Tracing original title on property (a true story)! 2189
Lawyer Jokes 2361
Rose and Barb 2111
Inspirational: The world according to Bill Gates! 2261
Gonorrhea Lectim creates danger to all Amerikans! 2213
The Queen's Riddle 2255
The Dead Duck 2140
“Retarded” Grandparents 2341
Salesmanship! 2347
A Compendium of Pontifications 2238
Five Minute Management Course 2263
Obama at the Pearly Gates 2609
Why God made Moms! 2173
Walk naked in America day! 2946
Where are all the Americans? 2219
A letter from my 88-year-old grandmother 2720
The meaning of tragedy! 2188
Texas Job Interview 2160
Cadillac Escalade 2298
Atheist Holy Day! 2152
We are in so much trouble! 2351
When insults had class! 2396
Obama urges straight up or down vote on Constitution! 2311
Don Rickles on the Democrats 2622
Where has all our innocence gone? 2188
U.S. economy grinds to halt! 2325
A letter from Grandpa! 2375
High School - 1955 vs. 2010 2340
The traffic camera 2135
Encounter in Iraq 2172
Marriage 2338
The consequences of lying 2342
Grandpa and the Audit 2130
Stimulus checks 2199
What Love means to young children 2113
Oxy-Morons! 1938
Great truths that little children have learned! 2048
Political Humor 1998
The 57-cent Church (an amazing true story)! 2386
The Phone Call 1910
Thanksgiving Humor! 2055
Three politicians at God’s Table! 2022
Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide 2067
Best blonde joke of the year... so far! 2012
Blonde's Year in Review 1816
Modern Economics 1961
Another blonde joke! 2232
Conservatives vs. Liberals! 2033
Adam and Eve’s Pets 2307
Airlines and Politicos 1837
Why we love children 1801
Disorder in the Courts 1938
Got my stimulus package yesterday! 1888
More Church bulletins! 1929
Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes! 2018
The Purina Diet 1944
Paul Harvey Wisdom 1961
Global temperatures driven by U.S. postal charges! 1985
A simple question! 1907
Idiot Sightings! 2131
You think the English language is easy? 1867
A Visitor From the Past 1928
The summer job! 1836
Dinner with Obama, a parable! 1938
The Pope and Nancy Pelosi 2324
The Tiny Cabin 2215
Freeing the lobtsers! 2020
The Rude Receptionist 2137
Contests! 1984
Another blonde joke! 2054
Amerika’s economy! 2003
Embarrassing Medical Exams 2246
God enjoys a good laugh! 2081
Red Skelton’s recipe for the perfect marriage! 2134
Crabs 2245
Alligator shoes 2037
United States should pull out of Washington DC! 2159
Why women shouldn’t take men shopping! 2387
Know the symptoms of AAADD! 1985
The best surgeon in Kalifornia! 2132
Inspirational: Take my Son! 2157
Chimp and Tigers 2143
Hispanic boycott hailed as huge success! 2220
The Texas Three-Kick Rule! 2374
Intelligent commentary on government bailouts! 2050
Fourplex fire in South Los Angeles 2619
Prospective government schoolteacher’s interview 2021
Three blondes having a real bad day! 1968
Barocky Road Ice Cream 2677
The Dying Priest 1900
Nancy Pelosi is a saint? 2227
Bragging about our children 2272
Older than dirt! 2039
Old but good sayings! 2275
The stimulus bill explained! 1955
Pondering Imponderables 2127
Divorce vs Murder 2061
Church Bloopers 2076
Inspirational: Freedom and Jeff 1897
Hollywood Squares Gems 2120
Through the eyes of a child: can we ever return to that innocence? 1976
The Children's Bible in a nutshell! (HYSTERICAL) 2423
Taxes throughout the land! 2154
God Grants a Wish 2075
Acts 2:38 2147
And then the fight started . . . 2025
Obama sends Biden on special mission to Antarctica! 2335
U.S. Secret Service collectively sigh relief after eight years of Bush and Cheney! 2203
To the guy who mugged me downtown! 2222
The Flat Tire 2310
Bushisms over the years! 2067
Thank goodness I live in a free country! 2189
Living Backwards 2152
The Lawyer and the Jew 2182
Inspirational: The clear window 2093
A Conversation with Obama 2209
A Political Solution 2356
Somebody has to feed the cow! 2211
Redistribution of Wealth 2145
Free Corn 2157
New Pledge of Allegiance! 2242
What Happens in Heaven 2219
Southern ideas 2161
Cuius Contrarium Verum Est (The Truth is Opposite of This) 3056
Sad News 2197
Beer is currently a better investment than stock 2338
History of Liberals and Conservatives 2238
Pun Intended 2183
Cannibal Menu 2255
A Mule for all Seasons 2264
How to get a hairdryer through customs! 2197
While browsing old cemeteries… 2266
Five Surgeons 2231
Racism at its Best 2343
The Gift of Today 2292
U.S. medals tally at the Beijing 2008 Olympics show some surprise performances! 2148
Dog adopts and suckles abandoned tiger cubs! 2137
California Citizens to vote on referendum to change the name of the state! 2219
Poetry: It's All for My Security by G. Edward Griffin 2024
Top 8 morons of 2007! 2159
Woman overpowers thief with tea and sympathy! 2157
The Half-Wit 2418
A Lesson in Propaganda! 2458
Noah and the Ark 2406
Political Change 2206
Grannies on the Road 2308
Musical Parody: "Road to Depression" 2120
The Power of Prayer 2349
The Rooster 2305
Why I Carry a Gun! 2253
How to Dance in the Rain 2319
Vice President Cheney shoots anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan! 2515
The Golfer 2172
Gophers notch a win in man-rodent battle! 2162
Sometimes Men Don't Know when to Keep their Mouths Shut! 2256
Health Care 2299
True Embarrassing Medical Exams 2632
Summary of Life 2352
Rainbow Bridge (for Max) 2230
God or Science? 2369
A Haircut to Remember 2333
An inspirational message from George Carlin 2356
A Thought Experiment: The Federal Data Administration 2102
Americans with No Abilities Act! 2582
America the Beautiful by Judge Roy Moore 2259
How Politics Works 2201
The chicken business 2318
Irish burial at sea 2368
Old is when… 2249
New drugs for women! 2366
New quarterback to play for the Green Bay Packers! 2300
Can you hear the chains of servitude clanking? 2450
Inspirational: The Sneeze 2313
George W. Bush Resume! 2256
George Bush comes in second for Foot in Mouth award! 2290
True police stories, Wisconsin-style! 2359
The Year's Best [actual] Headlines of 2007! 2287
Is Hillary Clinton attracted to Ron Paul? 2325
An important spiritual message! 2298
Dogs do the Darnedest Things! 2272
The 50 dumbest things George W. Bush has ever said! 2507
True Story: Give us your money, this is a ketchup! 2368
My Mommy the Dancer 2182
Don't Mess with Old Ladies! 2264
An Angel in the Postal Service (for animal lovers - a real tear-jerker!) 2321
The Indian and the Buffalo 2369
The Cat 2364
Mexican Death Penalty 2277
As you slide down the banister of life, remember....... 2270
The Importance of Logic! 2560
The Story of the Starfish! 2413
Bush to pardon Osama Bin Laden! 2313
How to properly place new employees 2494
Abandoned monkey finds love with a pigeon! 2325
Clever Signs 2401
Spiritual Bank Account 2466
Spaghetti 2119
The true meaning of service 2293
Bush proposes making the ostrich our national bird! 2369
New psychiatric condition: Political Attention Deficit Disorder 2378
Republican humor 2237
Bush and Cheney over breakfast! 2306
What starts with F and ends with K? 2319
The Modern Ant and the Grasshopper 2507
Don't put Grandma on the stand! 2639
Top ten things the New World Order forgot when planning a world takeover! 2339
Boondocks on Terrorism 2818
Three Blondes & St. Peter 2373
Hagar on Taxes 2243
Politically Correct 2306
A Man Was Being Tailgated... 2286
Are You Content? (From the movie "Network") 2490
Questions for Hillary 2435
World's Thinnest Books 2683
Woman President 2546
Solving Problems 2337
Weapons of Mass Destruction 2503
United We Stand 2333
Rashomon Nation 2272
You Got the Same Vote as Everyone Else 2394
Homeland Security Kit 2403
Old George's Christmas Eve Visitor 2505
Thermodynamics of Hell - A True Story 2280
People Over 35 Should Be Dead 2655
The Atheist 2240
Ordering Pizza in 2010 2659
Where Did Pets Come From? 2306
A Physicists Proof: There is no Santa Claus! 2666
Idiots 2400
King Arthur and the Witch 2425
Urgent Assistance - From USA 2386
Airport Screener Arrested For Being Former Nazi Guard 2383
Shocking New Legislation Proposed! 2141
Cheney Vows to Attack US if Kerry is Elected 2238


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