New Article by Brent Johnson: Organized Crime with a Badge

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by Brent Johnson

In Mel Brooks’ brilliant comedy, Blazing Saddles, there is a scene where movie villain Hedley Lamarr (that’s HEDLEY) is hiring bands of criminals to further his evil designs.  During the assignment of badges to these social reprobates, one group of Mexican banditos is heard to comment, “Badges!  Badges!  We don’t need no stinking badges!”

The reverse is true in modern Amerika (spelling intentional), where outlaws have taken over the administration and management of our country.  Amerika has literally become a country where organized crime wears a badge.

Have you ever wondered what happened to the mobsters and gangsters of the first half of the twentieth century?  Did it ever occur to you that they went into government work?  Well, whether it is the same or new members of the organized crime community who now work for government is actually irrelevant.  What matters is that criminals now staff the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of our government.

What makes a criminal?

Before I can expect you to accept the statement that our country is being run by criminals, I think it reasonable that I explain my comments.

In Amerika, the highest law of the land is embodied in the Constitution for the United States.  It is from this document alone that all government branches, agencies, departments, and employees get their existence.  Without the Constitution, the United States government would not exist, and therefore none of the agencies or instrumentalities of government, or any of their respective staff positions would exist.

In other words, the Constitution is the Creator and all government officials and employees are the creation.  It is axiomatic that the creation cannot change the nature of the Creator.

All government officials and employees are bound by the written provisions of the Constitution, and when any individual government agent or official violates those provisions, then that person has broken the highest law of this land.  In other words, that person is an outlaw.

It does not matter that he was ordered to violate the Constitution by his superiors, or even that those who gave such an order did so out of ignorance of their legitimate duties and responsibilities.  Chain of command can never validly instruct or advocate the breaking of the law, because those giving such instructions were never authorized to do so.  In other words, such instructions are invalid on their face and should never have been obeyed in the first place.

For example, if your boss orders you to rob the nearby bank and you comply, you are not immunized from being prosecuted for bank robbery.  Even though you were ordered to do it by your superior, you are still regarded as a criminal and must pay the price for robbing the bank.

The same is true of government officials who obey orders that require them to disregard the Constitution, which is the Law of the Land.  Such officials are criminals, operating outside of the law.

Nor does it matter if the Supreme Court rules that a given action is acceptable, since the members of the Court are each creations of the Constitution, meaning they cannot issue unconstitutional rulings without breaking the law.

Amerikan government officials are outlaws

Today, the entire country is being administered as an organized criminal enterprise.  Police regularly assault and even murder ordinary citizens, yet police departments consistently determine that their officers have committed no wrong.

If you used a Taser 19 times on a police officer, especially if the officer was already disabled or immobilized, then you would be imprisoned for many years, possibly decades.  But when a cop did the exact same thing to an already injured and immobilized 16-year-old boy, he was given desk duty with pay.  In other words, taxpayers are forced to pay the salaries of these police criminals.

How about the recently unveiled policy of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) - Amerika’s modern day equivalent of Hitler’s Gestapo or Stalin’s Secret Police - which states that border patrol agents may confiscate laptops, cell phones, and any other electronic equipment from Amerikan citizens, subject the equipment to extensive analysis, share the information obtained with other government agencies, and do it all without having any suspicion of wrongdoing in the first place?

The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution clearly states that no searches or seizures shall be performed without Due Process of Law, which requires a court order signed by a judge, issued upon probable cause that a crime has been committed or may be committed by the accused party.

The Amerikan Gestapo (DHS) disregards the law of the land, which means they are all criminals.

Then there are the numerous credible witnesses who have been tortured by U.S., officials, in the name of fighting terrorism, even though the Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual treatment.  Those who engage in torture are therefore criminals.

Amerikans are regularly denied their Sixth Amendment rights to trial by jury, Fifth Amendment rights to not bear witness against themselves, Second Amendment rights to bear arms in defense of home and country, etc.  These denials all represent criminal acts by government officials (police, judges, bailiffs, clerks, etc.).

When George W. Bush ordered the Secret Service to establish “free speech zones” far enough away from him so that he would never see or hear the protesters, it represented a direct violation of the First Amendment, which guarantees the freedom of assembly and freedom to demand a redress of grievances.  That constituted a criminal act by the President and each member of the Secret Service who complied with his illegal order.

Recently, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley stated in no uncertain terms that he was going to find a way to implement a handgun ban, despite the Supreme Court ruling prohibiting such action.  Daley, along with Police Superintendent Jody Weis, said he needed to protect policemen and firemen from “citizens armed in their own homes”.  Seeking to deprive individuals of the right to defend their lives from criminal government officials is itself a crime.

Amerikans are entitled to Due Process of Law, which includes the right to face your accuser.  However, it is a common occurrence for a prosecution to commence based on anonymous accusations and secret witnesses.  Judges regularly allow such prosecutions to proceed.  These are criminal acts.

The Amerikan prison system is the fastest growing private enterprise in the country.  The government provides the privately owned prison system with financial incentives to retain inmates, thereby circumventing Due Process of Law and creating a direct conflict of interest for the prison administrators.  These are criminal acts sanctioned by the government.

I could go on indefinitely listing crimes committed by officials from each of the three branches and all levels of government (state, city, township, county).

The bottom line is that every government official takes an oath to support, uphold and defend the Constitution for the United States or his or her respective state constitution.  Government officials and employees are only permitted to do their jobs after taking such an oath.  Therefore, whenever any government official or employee - whether elected or appointed - fails by act or omission to strictly comply with the limitations and authorities embodied in the relevant Constitution, then that official is operating outside the law; that official is an outlaw or criminal.  This means that just about everyone who works for any branch or level of government is a criminal, which is the main point of this article.

It should be fairly apparent to any who care to look, that the former united States of America has been turned into the Fascist States of Amerika by a conglomeration of unprincipled, unscrupulous, dishonest thugs and hoodlums.

The question is, what do you intend to do about it?  Will you allow your country to remain hostage to a bunch of outlaws and criminals?  Are you going to take action to at least begin to reverse the oppressive and unfree course our country has taken, or would you rather just accept that a once free nation is now run by organized crime with a badge?

Our country’s future rests with your decision.


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