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Trial and Error: The United States Injustice System!

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by Brent Johnson

When the united States of America was founded, it was believed that we were building a society in which every Citizen would receive justice.  The Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag ends with the words, “with Liberty and Justice for all.”

What a shame that our country has abandoned those sacred principles on which it was originally established.  Modern Amerika (sic) looks nothing like the Republic we were given by the Founding Fathers; the objective of justice for all has never been further from reality.

As a matter of fact, today’s Amerikan justice looks remarkably similar to the kind of justice meted out in Old England, where the aristocratic class - including the political elite, police, government workers, and attorneys - received justice and consideration for their concerns and issues, while the vast majority of the people (i.e. commoners) received only the justice they could purchase with their wealth.

Every day, I come across stories about real events in which justice is denied to ordinary citizens.  Here are just a few that come to mind.

Senator Barack Obama is to be the first black President of the United States.  However, he was born in Kenya, which means he is not a natural born citizen, which is a constitutional requirement for the Office of the President.  Numerous lawsuits have been mounted - one federal and the others in several states - to disqualify him from the presidency due to his not being a natural born citizen.

The federal case was brought my noted attorney Phillip J. Berg.  Berg announced that Obama had failed or refused to respond in a timely manner to his Request for Admissions, which means that according to the law, Obama admitted that he is not qualified to be President!  Nevertheless, the case was dismissed on the grounds that Phillip J. Berg has no standing to bring a lawsuit against Obama in this matter!  In other words, according to the courts, ordinary people do not have any standing to sue to ensure that candidates for President of the United States are constitutionally qualified for that office!  Only other government agencies or officials have standing.

This means that only the government can challenge the legitimacy of a candidate, and if it doesn’t do so, then an illegal candidate can become President of the United States!  Where is the justice in that?

As of this writing, the state cases are still pending.

In Florida, a 66-year-old man who was imprisoned without bail for contempt of court because he was unable to comply with a court order to re-sod his lawn, since he was too poor to be able to afford to do it.  He was not even allowed to post bail.  This man would have been left in jail forever, if his friends, family and neighbors hadn’t come to his rescue by donating materials and labor to put fresh sod on his front lawn.

Then there is the dismissal of murder charges against seven police officers that eyewitnesses testified to seeing fatally shoot two innocent men, during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

Additionally, there have been numerous reports throughout the country of police invading the wrong home based on anonymous tips that drugs were at the location, without first identifying themselves, then killing the home’s inhabitant when he or she shot at the offending invaders, thinking they were burglars.  Most of these police officers are still on the streets, available to murder more innocent Amerikans when the opportunity presents itself.

Police are seldom if ever criminally prosecuted for their excessive use of force, especially including Tasers, even when the results of their brutality are the death of the victim.  A 16-year-old boy who had fallen from a bridge was tasered 19 times while he was lying on the ground!  A distraught man standing on top of a roof fell to his death after a cop tasered him.  He wasn’t threatening anyone but himself!  Why was it necessary to kill him?  Campus police in Texas recently tasered a 16-year-old student for not obeying police orders!  In Los Angeles, a student was tasered repeatedly and other students who challenged the police officers’ authority to do so were threatened with the same treatment if they didn’t shut their mouths!

Nevertheless, not one of the officers who perpetrated these heinous acts has been criminally prosecuted for his actions.  Not one.

As a matter of fact, the only time in recent memory I can say with certainty that a government official was jailed was in the case of two United States Border Patrol Agents who successfully stopped the smuggling of drugs into the country by a foreigner trying to illegally enter the United States.  The Department of InJustice decided that these two agents should be prosecuted for violating the rights of the Mexican who invaded our country while transporting illegal drugs here.

I could go on with many more examples, but suffice it to say that the united States of America has evolved into the Fascist States of Amerika, where innocent people can have police officers stop them and demand they produce their papers; citizens are arrested and incarcerated for what they think, rather than what they do; people’s property is stolen and their lives are destroyed by the criminal Internal Revenue Service, which extorts the fruit of their labor, which in America is supposed to belong to the individual who earns it.

The lives of ordinary Amerikans are regularly ruined by government agents, acting through misrepresentation, fraud, deceit, tampering with evidence, and suborning of witnesses, among many other atrocities, simply because they refuse to go along quietly with a corrupt, unprincipled and unfree system.

If you have ever been to court, you have probably experienced first-hand the injustice of the modern Amerikan judicial system.

For example, if you do not hire an attorney, judges tend to exercise bias against you when rendering their decisions.  Louisiana Appeals Court Judge Edward Dufresne ordered his clerk to deny all appeals not prepared by an attorney, without even showing them to any of the Appeals Court judges.

What they never tell you, though, is that by hiring an attorney, you are considered non compos mentis, which means mentally incompetent.  In other words, you must waive your rights in order to be represented by an attorney.  So Judge Dufresne requires all appellants to waive their rights before he will even consider their appeal briefs.

Let’s not forget the ruling handed down by U.S. District Judge Marcia Krieger; who authorized the effective imprisonment in cages of all protesters at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado.  Judge Krieger decided that even though protesters would suffer some infringement on their freedom of expression, it was justified in order to maintain good security at the event.  Judge Krieger advocates taking away freedom in order to enhance security!  Does she sound more like an Amerikan or a fascist?

California Appeals Court Justice H. Walter Croskey wrote the decision overturning a lower court’s ruling that dismissed a legislative ban on parents homeschooling their children.  Justice Croskey’s decision paved the way for parents who teach their own children to be imprisoned by the state.  In his decision, Justice Croskey wrote, “A primary purpose of the educational system is to train schoolchildren… in loyalty to the state.”  The subsequent reversal of his ruling does not change the fact that Judge Croskey believes that individual Amerikans have a duty to be loyal to the State, just like a good communist.

Perhaps the most egregious example of judicial tyranny came in the 2005 ruling in the Kelo v. City of New London case, in which U.S. Supreme Court Justices John Paul Stevens, Anthony M. Kennedy, David H. Souter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen G. Breyer ruled that under eminent domain laws, a local government may claim private property and turn it over to private developers.  These five men and women single-handedly disregarded the fundamental principles of a free society in favor of their personal socialistic viewpoints.

These are only a few examples of the injustice meted out by the current Amerikan judicial system.  There are many more.  The injustice of Amerika continues to run roughshod on the people, thereby depriving them of their lives, their liberty, and their property.

The only way this will ever change is if the people stand up and refuse to comply with unjust rulings.  When a court tells attorney Phillip J. Berg that he has no standing to sue to compel Barack Obama to prove he is constitutionally eligible to occupy the Office of the President of the United States, then Mr. Berg and large numbers of ordinary citizens need forcibly enter the courthouse, physically arrest and imprison the judge or judges who dismissed the case, and inform - not request - the powers that be that We the People will not permit Obama to be our President, unless and until he can prove to our satisfaction that he is a natural born citizen, as required by our Constitution.

Until the Amerikan people rise up and rebel against the rampant injustice that exists in their country, there will be no relief for them, and unless they take corrective and if necessary, violent corrective action, the situation will only get worse.

The problems of injustice that face the fascist society that we call modern Amerika cannot be changed through discussion or political efforts; we have tried that for decades.  When criminals occupy the government, then pleading for them to obey the law is pointless and doomed to failure.  Like a cancer, judicial criminals need to be cut out of the body of society.  This cannot be accomplished bloodlessly.

While you consider the message of this commentary, I urge you to make a commitment - today - that you will no longer tolerate any injustice.  It matters not the degree of the injustice.  The only thing that matters is for you to take a stand for truth, freedom, and justice for all people.


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1992-Dec. 20, 2005


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