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Epidemic of Liberty

on .

by Brent Johnson

In today's society, where every day new sicknesses, contagions, communicable diseases run rampant, if one is to believe the official statements released by such agencies as the Center for Disease Control, we are now faced with a new epidemic of major proportions. This new condition is a virulent contagion, affecting people from all walks of life. People of all ages, genders, sexual orientation, work ethics, social class, body type, and ancestry are being swept up in this new and all-encompassing strain.

This newest condition is the "freedom bug." In the united States of America, there is an epidemic of liberty running rampant and spreading into every corner of our land.

Wherever you go, people are speaking about freedom. Whether at work, school, or recreation, people are talking liberty - collectively and individually - perhaps more than they have in over two hundred years!

Our Founding Fathers understood the nature of government in a free society. They designed our Constitutional Republic on the principle that the natural rights of the people come from a source superior to the government, and that the only legitimate role for government is "to secure these rights" (Decl. of Independence, 1776). Our country was the first in modern history to be established with the common Citizen as the nobility - the kings and queens - and government officials as their servants.

Freedom is not just a word in the uSA. It is the fundamental concept from which all government is permitted to exist. It is the reason for life, the purpose of existence, the function of government. Freedom does not result from the right government programs or the best candidates being elected to public office. It is not an effect, but rather the cause of everything. Liberty is not a desired goal or some future objective to be attained through hard work. Rather, it is every man and woman's inherent natural right to live free. It is a gift to every human being from the Creator, not the government.

For well over a century, since the end of the War Between the States (sometimes erroneously referred to as the Civil War), the united States of America has been help captive by a small number of power-hungry bureaucrats and officials who believe they know what's best for everyone else, and are willing to force others to live accordingly. These people are traitors to our country, because they have abandoned the sacred principles embodied in our Declaration of Independence, and have consistently violated the limitations imposed by the Constitution, simultaneously breaching their oaths to serve and rubber stamping their fellow bureaucrats' and officials' violations of the natural rights of the people. The Congressional record (90th Congress, First Session, Volume 113, Part 12, June 12-20, 1967, pages 15641-15646) even admits that forces in the Judicial, Executive and Legislative Branches of the federal government took over our country after the war. Since that time, our laws have been ignored and our liberties have been disregarded by those sworn to protect and secure them.

This condition has been allowed to exist for so long due to the enforced ignorance and learned complacency found among the people. As Patrick Henry said, "...the battle is not for the strong alone, it is for the brave, the vigilant..." The American people have not been vigilant in guarding against incursions of their rights by their government servants. Further, we have been remiss in correcting our errors, which can be accomplished only by forcibly reclaiming our country from those who have prospered by violating our highest laws.

But that is rapidly changing.

People are realizing the inherent truth, that our lives are not made better by fighting crime, or some ambiguous "War on Drugs" or poverty; that we are not better off because we are safer or more secure, but rather our well being rests solely on the degree of personal freedom we enjoy as individuals.

Every man and woman has a "tolerance line in the sand." You may not even be aware of it, but I guarantee that you have one. This is the line that you will not allow anyone to cross. It represents the maximum abuse you are willing to take or able to tolerate. "I'm willing to take only so much, but no more." Everyone has a limit.

Our Founding Fathers understood that the nature of any government is to oppress and control those it is sworn to govern. Government institutions can no more stop trying to control every facet of individual life than fish can refrain from swimming or birds from flying. It is government's nature to oppress and control. That is why we have federal and state constitutions; to chain down the beast that is government. Thomas Paine, regarded as the true "Father of our country", wrote that "government, at its very best, is a necessary evil." A necessary evil. Even at its best, government is evil.

Due to this intrusive nature, government officials and agencies will always continue to squeeze tighter, regulate more, exert greater control, impose additional taxes, etc. This always results in growing numbers of people having their respective "tolerance lines" crossed, at which point those so violated will resist further efforts by government to control their lives. Since government cannot stop its own nature, it is a mathematical certainty that over time, government will encroach enough upon the people to cause a large enough number to say, "I've had enough!" and to thereafter resist government controls. Ultimately, this indicates a Revolution and abolishing of current government, followed by starting over. This pattern has been seen for thousands of years, and we are not exempt from its effects.

And it is happening today in the united States of America. Exponentially growing numbers of people are fed up with the incessant intrusive nature of the federal government and its cronies, the corporate States. People are through being told how to raise, discipline, or educate their own children, what they can and cannot do with their own land, what they can and cannot do with their own earnings, etc. More and more people are seeing their respective "lines in the sand" crossed on a daily basis.

The result is that people are again looking to the fundamental basics underlying our Union. People are crying out for freedom, for individual liberty. The cry is echoing from sea to shining sea. It can be heard everywhere, from the dusky halls of higher education to the industrial factories, from the ranches and farms of our great land to the urban centers, from our schools to our homes. Liberty is being spoken by people from all walks of life, elderly and the youth, white collar, blue collar, no collar, students, workers, executives, owners. People of all races - white, black, red, yellow, etc. - are sounding the call of freedom. Callers to radio and television talk shows, mainstream and alternative news, even the print media reflect the growing dissatisfaction with government's intrusive nature.

Thomas Jefferson said that we should probably have a Revolution every 25 years or so, in order to keep the government in its proper place. If his words are true, then we are decidedly overdue.

And like Pandora's Box, once opened it cannot be shut. The lid is off. The virulent agent of individual liberty has been released among the population, and it is spreading like wildfire. You may think that's not the case, but I urge you to pay closer attention, for then you will see and hear the cry of freedom echo across America.

If you listen closely, be still and very quiet, you will hear the rumbling of freedom talk throughout our land and beyond. It often begins as a whisper, then others take up the call and the whisper grows, first into a low drone, then upwards until it becomes a great roar, overshadowing all other concerns with its all-encompassing message of civil liberties, individual freedom, and property rights. You are invited to join the growing roar of the people, to participate in the "animating contest for liberty" (Samuel Adams), to stand up as a Real American and restore government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

There is an epidemic of liberty spreading throughout our land. May you catch the "freedom bug."


Eulogy for an Angel
1992-Dec. 20, 2005


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