Freedom “Doesn’t Work”

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by Brent Johnson

From time to time (actually, it happens far too often), someone calls to tell me that one or another of the processes and methods of living free from government regulation that I teach, "doesn't work". I am very disturbed when I hear this, because it is a sentiment that always comes from the mind of servitude; never from the Sovereign.

When you declare that a process "doesn't work", the implied question is, "What would it mean if this process did work?" Generally, the answer reflects personal convenience.

I had one client who called me after going through our Tax Freedom Program. This is the program whereby we prepare the necessary paperwork for you to rescind your social security number, and I act as your private consultant for life. The cost of the program is Seven Hundred Fifty (750) dollars. We have a 100% track record over eight years.

After paying for the program, receiving, signing and sending the documents to the Social Security Administration and Internal Revenue Service, my client had completed the process to sever his contractual nexus with the United States federal government. He was free from government regulation. One would think he would have been satisfied. One would have been wrong.

When he called, he was very upset because he was having trouble opening up a bank account without a SSN. We coached him extensively, but he continued to have trouble. Therefore he concluded, that because he could not open up a bank account in a convenient location, the process "doesn't work."

In other words, if he could not conveniently open up a bank account without a SSN, then the cost of reclaiming his liberty is too great.

I have had people call to tell me that the Alternative Travel Documentation "doesn't work". When I inquire why not, I am told it is because the local sheriff or police or judge says he will not recognize the Alternative Travel Documentation as valid. In other words, if my public servants do not tell me that I can use the Alternative Travel Documentation, then I cannot use it. My freedom of travel is dependent on what police, judges, etc. say or do.

Canceling your voter's registration and filing as a Qualified Elector "doesn't work", according to some, because people who have gone down and asked their county officials, who generally do not know the laws they are sworn to uphold, have been told that they cannot claim their right of suffrage. Again, whether a process "works" is made dependent on what the "fox" tells you about "guarding the hen house."

Some people say rescission "doesn't work" because the courts refuse to recognize individual sovereignty and/or the Social Security Administration will not take your name off their list of assigned numbers.

In each and every one of these cases, the reason given for a process "not working" is that someone else - generally a government official - refuses to recognize what you have done. This complaint comes from the mind of servitude, not Sovereignty.

Consider the meaning of these words: What are you willing to do to preserve your personal freedom? What aren't you willing to do to preserve that same personal freedom?

Are you willing to take whatever time and inconvenience it calls for, in order to get a bank account opened without a SSN? Are you willing to go to another state to open your account, if that's what you need to do? Are you willing to go without a bank account in order to preserve your individual liberty?

Are you willing to stand on Truth and Law, even in the face of government officials who refuse to recognize your filings? Are you willing to, if necessary, go toe-to-toe with your public servants to accomplish your objectives while never compromising one iota of your freedom?

Sovereignty means supreme mastery. The Sovereign is the King, the Queen, royalty, nobility... the buck really does stop with the Sovereign.

When a Sovereign makes a declaration, it is the Law, because the Sovereign has said that it is! It requires no "official" stamp of approval in order to become Law. Unless it is lawfully refuted pursuant to Law, it remains the Law indefinitely. If any so-called "official" does not recognize your lawful declaration, then that official has usurped power and is acting as a criminal. Treat him accordingly.

When you look to others to validate your declaration, you are acting like one in servitude to another. Granted, we have all been well-programmed to act in such a way, so it may be forgiven when it occurs, but it is absolutely necessary, if we are to reclaim our country as the Land of the Free, that we take back control of our own lives, our own decisions. The Sovereign declares; he never requests.

The processes we teach at Freedom Bound International do indeed "work". I am ample proof of this. I live without a SSN; I have bank accounts and charge cards with no numbers attached (though I seldom use credit cards and do not recommend living on debt). I own nothing and therefore enjoy the full use of property; I exercise freedom in every aspect of my life. I do not carry any State-issued licenses or permits. I am not a registered voter. Despite (or because of) all of this, I have had virtually no trouble from the sheriff, police, IRS, State or federal government.

Yes, it took a little bit longer to open up my first bank account without a SSN. I've had to spend more time getting to law libraries to conduct legal research, than if I hired someone else to do these things for me. It is less convenient for me to pay my bills with money orders than checks, but I do so anyway to help protect my privacy. Because I know I am Sovereign, I am willing to endure any inconvenience, any expense, overcome any obstacle in pursuit of my personal freedom.

In my experience, those people who know they are Sovereign are very successful in accomplishing their freedom objectives with minimal hassle, while those who are prone to complaining about it being "too hard" will find that it generally is.

I can tell you stories about people who by holding themselves as Sovereign, have backed down judges, boarded airplanes without showing any identification, in other words, enjoyed liberty without complying with government regulations.

On the other hand, I know of one man who thought it was too much hassle to travel two hours to a real law library rather than trust the Internet for his legal research. The Sovereign will make the time to know the truth! The subject will simply believe what he or she is told - truth or lies - because it is much easier to do so.

If you are to reclaim your natural rights and truly live free from government intrusion and regulation, you must assume the mantle of Sovereignty. You are the nobility in these united States of America. You are the Lawmakers, not the Congress, police or bureaucrats.

If you are to live free, you must act like a Sovereign. Carry yourself in a different way. Walk with the poise of royalty, the gait of supreme confidence, the demeanor of knowledge and authority. If you knew you were royalty, would you behave any differently when dealing with your public servants? Start behaving that way today.

When obstacles show up along the path of sovereignty, overcome them. Deal with them. Defeat them. Solve them. But do not reverse your course. Do not abandon the noble struggle in which we are all engaged. Do not leave the field of battle, but rather bring to bear all of your noble blood, all of your Sovereign interest, that you may emerge ever stronger, ever more ready for the next obstacle, ever more the soldier hardened by battle in the eternal defense of the Laws of your Creator.


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