IRS Invades Freedom Bound

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by Brent Johnson

It was a cool, wintry morning in February. The snow covering the ground kept the chickens inside the coop, while the horses scrounged for isolated scraps of grass to eat. Our four cats remained indoors and our two ferrets didn't know the difference, since they spend almost all of their time inside. It was just another day. Like most others. I started work early, as usual. But today was not to be like other days.

The date was February 12, 1999, and as it happens, I had been scheduled to conduct a seminar in Houston, Texas; the seminar had been canceled by the local organizer just last week. Otherwise, neither I nor my partner, Lee, would have been home to experience what was about to occur.

It was just a bit past 9:00 AM, when Lee received a phone call from the Sheriff's detective. He informed her that a dozen IRS/CID agents were in the process of entering onto our property, and that she should come outside the house and just stand there and wait. Lee told me what was about to occur, had the good sense to secure certain computer disks and other property, then went outside to meet the IRS invaders.

Twelve men, some of them armed with automatic weapons, approached the house. One of them assaulted Lee, who looked him straight in the eye and told him to back off (which he then did, cryptically commenting, "Oh, I forgot." Lee thinks he was under orders not physically harass us). They proceeded to enter our house.

When I came downstairs to meet them, they showed me what appeared to be a search warrant. However, upon examination, it had several areas left blank and there was no affidavit of complaint attached. When I mentioned these inconsistencies, we were told that they were coming in, whether we accepted the warrant or not.

We were forced to sit in our living room, under constant guard, while the Gestapo went upstairs to begin their theft of our property. We were "escorted" to the bathroom, kitchen, etc. We were not permitted to go upstairs where the "confiscation" was taking place. Further, the two Sheriff's men, who were presumably there to witness the federal incursion, remained downstairs with us, so nobody was watching these bloodsuckers and thieves while they ransacked our house.

Let me say that we "cooperated" with the agents to the extent that we felt we could. When you have twelve armed men in your house, telling you that they will do whatever they want to do, then strategic decisions are necessary. I determined that we would let them have their way this day, then fire back at them after with all metaphoric barrels loaded, after they left.

While the Gestapo searched our house, I thoroughly read through the "warrant" and attachment which described the items to be seized. The attachment indicated that nobody was being charged with any crime, so I asked the chief Internal Reptile Agent in charge about this apparent discrepancy. He freely admitted to me that, while an investigation was being conducted, no charges were pending against either Lee or me. He admitted that he was on a fishing expedition to see whether there was sufficient evidence to justify bring charges.

I'd like to remind all of you that this is the united States of America, where a Citizen is innocent until proven guilty. No American can lawfully have his natural rights violated for a "fishing" expedition. These creatures from Hell invaded the private property of the home of what they freely acknowledged to be law-abiding Citizens. When challenged, these Nazis would only say "we are just doing our job."

I must admit that the stormtroopers were somewhat respectful of the property. No walls were torn down, no property was frivolously destroyed, while they conducted their illegal search and seizure. This is about the only decent thing I can say about the entire incident.

We were kept prisoners in our own home for upwards of seven hours, during which time I was forced to open my safe. They took 180 pieces of silver and two numismatic gold coins. They left me almost 30 pieces of gold bullion. Strange, huh? I suppose the chief reptile was trying to be nice?!? Actually, he told me that the gold and silver were added by the U.S. Magistrate who signed the "warrant", that they were originally not looking for precious metals and that he would ask the U.S. Attorney to return them forthwith. (Several days later, I called and asked him about my 2 pieces of gold and 180 pieces of silver. He said that the U.S. Attorney was keeping them as "evidence". Hah! Evidence of what?) It is also noteworthy that the silver which they stole was not silver coin, but rather silver rounds, which were not listed in the attachment of things to steal (excuse, me... seize).

After the agents were satisfied that they had stolen a sufficient amount of private property, they took Lee into another room to "interview" her. I was interviewed by the chief reptile in charge and his female computer expert cohort. As it turned out, I probably taught them a thing or two. For example, asked him if he knew that the IRS is not a government agency. He said no, so I gave him a copy of the IRS incorporation papers. I also explained why I could not have done the "crimes" which prompted the investigation. (Note: I know that I did not have to speak to him at all. I told him only what I wanted him to hear).

When the agents finally, left, we evaluated our emotional state. Until you have been invaded, you never know how you will react. We were emotionally shaken, but our commitment to the freedom education of the American people is, if anything, stronger as a result of this incident.

The Response

Over the past few weeks, I have been asked about how we intend to respond to this flagrant violation of our natural right to be safe and secure in our property. I have been told that the eyes of America are on me, and that how we react will be closely watched by freedom loving, liberty minded Americans everywhere.

I consider myself, and Freedom Bound as an organization, to have a responsibility to those Americans who genuinely care about the principles on which our great country was founded. Also, like Patrick Henry before me, I consider myself to have a responsibility to my Creator, who after all granted me my rights in the first place, and who "I revere above all earthly kings." I do not take this responsibility lightly.

Already, several processes have been initiated against the IRS scum who, like the Nazis before them, think they have the right to break any law, harass anyone, do anything, simply because they have been told to do so by their superiors. This "I'm just following orders" attitude was precisely what the Nazis used as their excuse for perpetrating atrocities during World War II. It was found to be insufficient justification at the Nuremberg trials, and it remains so today. I think it a noteworthy observation that anyone who will do anything for a paycheck, even lie, cheat, steal, murder, etc. is a mindless slob who has no capacity to think for himself/herself. This appears to adequately fit the description of Internal Reptile Agent John Adamson and his criminal cohorts, as well as Klamath County Sheriff Carl Burkhart and his criminal cohorts. These criminals will pay for their crimes. Their property will be attached, their assets will be frozen, they will be ridiculed and, when the time comes, they will burn in a self-created Hell.

These creatures are going to find that they messed with the wrong people. In any strategic attack, the cost factor must be evaluated before proceeding. These unGodly offal are very shortly going to find out that the cost of their actions far outweighs any possible return. I intend to make it their life's work to answer for their actions. They will be unable to do anything without encountering the legal results of their choice to violate the law in the name of "just doing (their) jobs."

Neither Lee nor I will be intimidated through fear. Actually, we can thank these excuses for human beings, because they have served to instill in us a renewed commitment to expand our teachings. Within a very short time period, we will embark upon the next stage of our efforts to restore freedom and liberty to our country. As a result of the IRS raid, I am now one of the most in-demand radio guest personalities and speakers in the country. Also, I am getting more air time for broadcasting my own shows. Additionally, there are some special things being planned which will give every American a real opportunity to participate in the restoration of our freedoms. Stay tuned. We'll be sure to let you know what you can do.

There is one thing that each of you can do right now to greatly help our efforts. Call - not once, but several times - IRS/CID Special Agent John Adamson at 312-883-1346 and Klamath County Sheriff Carl Burkhart at 541-883-5130, and voice your honest feelings about their actions. Call during the week and on the weekends. (If these un-American Nazis get 100 messages on their answering machines, they will have to listen to every single one, because the 51st message might be from the boss Nazi!)

Also, if you would like to participate in preparing legal actions against these scum, your efforts are most welcome. I intend to respond with "both barrels", metaphorically speaking. I invite you to join me in doing so.

One final word. If these domestic terrorists murder me (and if they kill me, I assure you that it will be murder, regardless of what they claim - remember, they are liars), use me as a martyr for our mutual cause. If they illegally incarcerate or otherwise "remove" me from circulation, use my incarceration or disappearance to further the cause of freedom. Do not give in to their extortion. Do not give in to their criminal threats. Do not give in to them in any way. Stand for Truth. Stand for Freedom. Stand for Liberty. If you fall, you will have stood for something and your legacy will carry on the fight. But never give up hope. Never. May YHVH bless you and yours. Freedom shall prevail!


Eulogy for an Angel
1992-Dec. 20, 2005


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