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Terror: Tool of Tyrants

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by Brent Johnson

Every day I come across complaints about incidents involving government bureaucracies, oppressive regulations, violations of due process, corruption in the courts, and a variety of similar grievances, all stemming from a general trend toward more intrusive government, one of the phases necessary for a government to successfully accomplish tyranny over the people.

But how do government agencies - especially those not authorized to exist under the Constitution - continue to oppress and harangue the people with their seemingly endless list of rules and regulations; how do these bureaucrats maintain public cooperation, even though just about anybody you ask will tell you that government has overstepped its authority? Why don't people just stop cooperating with such a universally detested system?

First, take a moment to consider the depth of the question. If people just stood up and said, "No. We will not cooperate with your rules and regulations," then the regulations would stop. If it's that simple, why don't more people resist government tyranny? The answer lies in the effective use of the primary tool of all tyrants: terror.

Terror is extremely effective in quieting resistance among large segments of a population. It has been well said that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Nothing can terrify you as much as that which comes from your own imagination. When fueled by fear, imagination can produce nightmares of unparalleled proportions. Terror helps direct the victim's imagination toward his fears (I consider you to be a victim of terror tactics), thus fueling the imagination and thereby rendering the victim (of terror-ism) unable to cope and therefore very suggestible to outside manipulation.

In other words, if you scare someone enough, you do not necessarily have to directly do anything to that person in order to get him to comply with your wishes. His fear will keep him in line with your agenda. This is the credo of tyrants: maintain control through the effective use of terror on the general population.

In general, government agencies can accomplish the objective of infusing terror into the population with relative ease, because of the vast array of technological, official, and judicial tools available to most of them, and the fact that they can enforce their will on the general population through the use of police or military personnel. Make no mistake: government is force, and force will be used to achieve its goals.

Why do you buy a drivers license from the State, when you do not engage in commercial activity (i.e. driving) on the public roads? Because you are afraid of being arrested, jailed and/or fined for not possessing a license. This fear exists, even though various state and federal Supreme Courts have affirmed your right to travel without a state issued license. So, even though the government has given its legal seal of approval for you to travel, most of you still carry drivers licenses.

Why do you pay income tax, when most people know that paying it is voluntary for those who live in one of the 50 Union states except government workers)? Because you fear the IRS. You are afraid that an IRS agent will come and seize your property and then everything you have worked for all of your life will go down the drain. You are scared that you will go to jail if you take a stand against paying income taxes. This, even though the law is clear that a private Citizen does not have to pay the income tax.

Why do you give your social security number (SSN) to any government agent who asks (e.g. renewing your drivers license, voters registration etc.), even though the federal Privacy Act prohibits any government agency from asking for that information (except for tax returns and benefit issuance)? Because you are afraid that you will not be granted the license/registration/permit for which you applied to the government agent in the first place.

Why do you have a marriage license, when it is a legal fact that a license is not required in order to enter a marriage contract? Because you are scared that your Minister/Priest/Rabbi will not marry you without one. Because you fear that the government won't recognize your marriage and so you will lose tax benefits, etc.

In other words, terror is effective, regardless of what the law or even the courts may say.

Why do you blindly believe a religious official who himself is part of a corporation under the Internal Revenue Code (26 USC 501(c) (3)), when he tells you to pay your income tax and respect government authorities? Because you are fearful that, if you do not obey your religious official, then YHVH will not bless you and you will go to some kind of hell.

Perhaps now you can begin to see how we have been made to comply with government rules and regulations through the use of terror. By threatening our liberty and property, those people who you and I have allowed to run our government for us, have taken over our country! They rule through terror. They keep the majority of the population in line by threatening to take what is theirs if they resist.

During the Roaring '20s and early '30s, gangsters could be found threatening to take or destroy the property of shopkeepers and merchants, unless they paid for "protection." This is called extortion. It is a crime (unlike so many other so-called "crimes that really aren't). Today, these same tactics are employed under the name government regulation, but does that in any way change the nature of the crime? It is nothing less than extortion. Threatening people and their property in order to get them to comply (i.e. pay). It was extortion then, it is extortion now.

The only reason that people don't fight back against government extortion is the same reason that most merchants and shopkeepers didn't fight back against the gangsters of the '20s and '30s. Fear. Terror. Fear. Terror. Fear. Terror.

The only solution is to accept your God-given right to self-determination, and then defend that right, that gift from God, with all your strength, heart and soul. After all, your rights are a gift from your Creator. Do you value that gift? If so, how much? What are you willing to do to protect and preserve this gift? What aren't you willing to do to protect and preserve this gift? What would your life be like if you lost this gift?

Fear must be met head on. You cannot sidestep or circumvent fear. It is akin to trying to out-race the moon in your car. No matter how fast you travel, or how far you go, the moon follows you; you can't outrun it. Fear is the same way. You must face and move through it, or it will always follow you around, just like the moon. If you do, then your terror will abate and you will begin to see that those who would enslave you through the terror of your own mind, are in reality little people, capable of not much more than making a lot of loud noise. When you see government extortionists for what they really are, they appear much less threatening and therefore, you are no longer terrified of them.

In order to free yourself from your self-imposed prison of fear, you must be willing to admit, "Yes, I'm scared, but standing up for truth and the rule of law is important, and so I will do what is right even though I am afraid." Take action despite your fear. This is the mark of courage. This is the mark of a soldier. This is the mark of a hero. This is the mark of a Real American.

What kind of American are you? Are you a Real American, ready to defend freedom at all costs? Are you a Pseudo-American, waving the flag on July 4th and voting once a year, but otherwise not wanting to get involved. Or are you a Socialist-American, carrying the belief that you know what's best for others, and a willingness to impose your ideas on the remainder of the population. What kind of American are you?

What are you willing to do to protect and preserve America?

What aren't you willing to do to protect and preserve America?


Eulogy for an Angel
1992-Dec. 20, 2005


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