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The American Reich

on .

by Brent Johnson

Many people will say that to even suggest an analogy between today's America and Nazi Germany is both excessive and unwarranted. Others will just come right out and call those who think as I do crazy. These are almost always emotional reactions. They do not involve honest, objective, clear-headed thinking, but are only automatic reactions to a comparison which evokes horror and disbelief in most people. But if you will take a look at the facts without allowing your emotions to obstruct your vision, you may find yourself arriving at the exact same conclusion. This article takes an honest look at the actions of government officials in today's America. You, the reader, are invited to draw your own conclusions from the facts set forth herein.

Recently in Louisiana, in Jefferson Davis and Calcasieu parishes (a parish is Louisiana's version of a county), sheriff's deputies are stopping motorists for no reason whatsoever, then intimidating them into leaving their motorcars (which is unlawful without a warrant). Once the motorist has left his car, the officials have then been impounding the motorcars and selling them under Louisiana civil forfeiture laws. Under these laws, the officer need not establish any reason for confiscating the car. Further, these same "laws" require the motorist to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the car in question has never been used for any illegal gain! Think about it. Can you prove that your car wasn't used (perhaps before you bought it) five, ten or even twenty years ago to transport drugs or other illegal contraband. I mean can you prove it? Probably not.

When sold, the proceeds are divided as follows: 60% to the sheriff's department, 20% to the District Attorney's office, 20% to the judge ruling on the case! On top of this outrageous economic incentive for officials to steal your property, those same officials have no liability for their actions. If you were to sue to recover your stolen property and if you were to win, payment would come from the general fund - the taxpayer - not from the agencies who originally got the money for the sale of your property! Is this a symptom of a free society? Or does it more closely resemble Nazi Germany? It is well established in American law that all Americans have the right to travel unhindered throughout these united States of America. No taxes, levies, licenses or registration excises may be imposed for the exercise of a right guaranteed by the federal and state constitutions. The right to travel is one such right. The high courts have repeatedly affirmed this to be true. Yet you may be stopped by a policeman and even arrested for not having your proper "travel papers" (license and registration). You may be imprisoned for refusing to purchase these travel papers. Is this a symptom of a free society? Or does it more closely resemble Nazi Germany?

The so-called "war on drugs" has been used to justify the imposition of emergency powers, purely based on the emotional reactions which have been encouraged by the controlled media and Executive and Judicial Branches of the federal government, and embraced by the American people. In reality, you have the right to poison your body with whatever substances you wish. Drugs are not a problem. The problem occurs when a drug addict commits a crime (burglary, murder, etc.) in order to support a drug habit. We could punish the criminal for committing a crime rather than impose unlawful regulations upon the entire population, due to the actions of relatively few. Yet, people have been murdered by government thugs, based on anonymous tips that they were involved with drugs.

In October 1992, the Drug Enforcement Administration paid a visit to Donald Scott at his home in California, bringing along the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department for extra protection against the law-abiding Scott. Bursting into the house while he was asleep, a deputy sheriff shot and killed Scott. No illegal drugs were found.

The subsequent investigation conducted by the Los Angeles County District Attorney turned up evidence that the entire matter had been fabricated by the Sheriff's Department, and one deputy in particular, so that Scott's land could be acquired by the Sheriff, who owned the surrounding land and had been rebuffed several times when approaching Scott to buy his land. To date, no officials have been charged with anything. The Declaration of Independence indicted the British government "...for protecting (officials)... from punishment for any murders which they should commit on the inhabitants of these states..."

These unlawful incursions into the homes of law-abiding Americans, without warrants, was a favorite tactic of the Nazis. It helped to maintain a state of terror among the populace. The DEA, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, U.S. Forestry Service are among but a few federal agencies which regularly utilize these tactics with impunity. Literally dozens of similar stories to that of Donald Scott take place every week somewhere in America. Is this a symptom of a free society? Or does it more closely resemble Nazi Germany? Are you married? Do you have a marriage license? You probably thought you were required to obtain one, but the truth is that getting a marriage license is voluntary. A license is permission to do that which would be illegal if you did not have permission. Licenses always require you to surrender your freedom in favor of a licensing agreement. When you got a marriage license, you asked the government to take an interest in your marriage. The government then was happy to take control of your morals, your children, your estate. Why should the government have an interest in your marriage, which is a contract between you and God?

The same applies to business licenses. You have a right to engage in business, so why get a license? Why invite the state into your business? It is through licensing that the government locates your property, earnings, family, etc. Once located, the government then exerts its control over your property, your family, your life. Is this a symptom of a free society? Or does it more closely resemble Nazi Germany?

We are told we have a terrible crime problem (which includes statistics from so-called criminal drug users who do no damage to anyone else). Did you know that 70% of the prison population are incarcerated for "victimless crimes?" Well, think about it. In America, there is no crime without a victim! That was not true, however, in Nazi Germany, where a crime was whatever the government said was a crime.

How about our freedom of religion? The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (the Supreme Law of the Land) guarantees the right to freedom of religious expression. Yet government enforcers have raided churches and arrested religious officials and congregation members for preaching non-approved subjects, such as Right to Life. How can they do this, you ask? Because most churches have become 501 (c) (3) corporations, under the jurisdiction of the federal government! If you receive a tax deduction for donations to your church, it is a government church. Is this the sign of a free society? Or does it more closely resemble Nazi Germany?

What about public education, the tenth platform of the Communist Manifesto? Not only are students being educated in our public school system graduating illiterate, but the federal courts have issued recent rulings saying that parents lose their parental rights to raise their children when placing them in public school. Other rulings have declared that graduating students may not say "God" or "Jesus" during their commencement exercises. What ever happened to freedom of speech? John Heard, a 17 year old student at Red Bluff High School in northern California, brought home a school textbook for a required reading assignment. The book was called The Revised and Updated Constitution, with an introduction by Lloyd G. Cullop. In it, the Second Amendment included the government's right to restrict the possession of certain types of firearms. Last I looked, no such statement was included in the text of the Second Amendment. Yet these lies are being taught as prerequisites in American public schools. Is this a symptom of a free society? Or does it more closely resemble Nazi Germany?

"He has constrained our fellow citizens... to become the executioners of their friends and brethren..." (Declaration of Independence) New programs are instituted every day in which the general public are asked to bear witness against their friends and brethren. In California, radar guns are being handed out to ordinary citizens, who are then asked to clock speeders and report them to the Department of Motor Vehicles. We have already discussed civil forfeiture laws, which often include rewards for those "anonymous tips," even when they come from known liars and cheats. Television shows such as America's Most Wanted and Cops glorify the police and encourage the viewer to turn in his or her neighbor. Is this a symptom of a free society? Or does it more closely resemble Nazi Germany?

The media is perhaps the worst violator of our freedoms. There can be little doubt but that the major media is controlled by the government through major banking interests such as David Rockefeller, who holds direct influential interest in ABC, CBS and NBC. CNN is owned by Ted Turner, whose wife - Jane Fonda - is a declared socialist. Even members of the media have gone on record as saying that they are little more than toadies or puppets of the government and banking string-pullers. Is this a symptom of a free society? Or does it more closely resemble Nazi Germany?

Immigration tactics, zoning ordinances, which tell you that you cannot build on your own land, the endless stream of taxation without representation, are all indicators of socialism. They have no place in American law. But the courts have either ruled them acceptable and legal, or have otherwise refused to hear challenges to these unlawful government activities. On Capitol Hill in Washington, it is called the rule of five. According to its proponents, the law is "whatever five Supreme Court Justices say is the law." Is this a symptom of a free society? Or does it more closely resemble Nazi Germany?

"Let them then own land or factories as much as they please. The decisive factor is that the State, through the party, is supreme over them, regardless of whether they are owners or workers. All that, you see, is unessential. Our Socialism goes far deeper... The people about us are unaware of what is really happening to them. They gaze fascinated at one or two familiar superficialities, such as possessions and income and rank and other outworn conceptions. As long as these are kept intact, they are quite satisfied. But in the meantime they have entered a new relation; a powerful social force has caught them up. They themselves are changed. What are ownership and income to that? Why... socialize banks and factories? We socialize human beings." - Adolf Hitler

I invite you to look at the facts with perhaps a new eye toward truth. Let go of the emotionalism which may have clouded your judgment. Starting today, eagerly accept the responsibility of ensuring your freedom and defending your own family and property. Look at the activities of those people who you have assigned to run your government for you, in a new light. If they fail the test of freedom, instead reflecting the work of Nazism and Socialism, then stop obeying them, for they have vacated any lawful claim to any office in our great Constitutional Republic.

You cannot fight the enemy unless and until you look him straight in the eye, and see him for what he truly is. We can defeat the socialists' efforts to establish an American Reich. Together we can reclaim America as the Land of the Free, and restore government of the people, by the people and for the people.


Eulogy for an Angel
1992-Dec. 20, 2005


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